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Producer / Director / Screenplay Writer / Director of Photography / Editor
Artist Statement - Odette Laramee

I have a great appreciation for exploring story, across cultures, histories/futures, and media. The experimental work is created from extraordinarily surprising medium and celebrates the vastness of being. The documentary and narrative films invite reflection on a broad spectrum of themes through the powerful medium of creative inquiry. My studies are in the area of collective knowledge creation, in the everyday, the socio/political, and the sublime.

Experimental, Animation, Documentary, and more recently Narrative storytelling through multiple media. Also, community-based collective creation.

Awards and Official Selections -  19 Awards & Selections

Selection (Scientific Committee )- Virtual Conference, Digital Culture and AudioVisual Challenges -Corfu, Greece. 2021

Official Selection - Finalist, Kuno Sings, TV Fest 2021 - Vernon, Canada 2021

Official Selection, Creative DeliveryARTS X SDGS Online Festival - New York, USA / curated from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 2021

Award Winner - Best Experimental Film, nameless, Atlanta Award Qualifying Film Festival - Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, USA 2021

Award Winner - Best Animation, nameless, Malta International Film Festival - St. George's Bay, St. Julian's, Malta 2021

Award Winner - Best Experimental Film, nameless, Austria International Film Festival - Vienna, Austria 2021

Official Selection, nameless, Acorazado Film Festival - Caracas, Venezuela 2020

Official Selection, Kuno Sings, ARTS X SDGS Online Festival  - New York, USA / curated from Mombasa, Kenya 2020

Honourable Mention, Kuno Sings, Shakti Film Festival - Langley, Canada 2020

Award Winner - Best Animation, nameless, Everest International Film Festival - Siliguri, West Bengal, India 2020

Official Selection, SHE, malabo international music & film festival - Malabo, Equatorial Guinea 2020

Best Experimental Short Film, nameless, Lakecity International Film Festival - Mumbai, India 2020

Official Selection, nameless, iFilms International Short Film Festival - Pune, Maharashtra, India 2020

Best Experimental Short Film, nameless, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival - Pune, Maharashtra, India 2019

Official Selection, elle tango - remix, Aphrodite Film Awards - New York, USA 2019

Official Selection, nameless, Art Quake Kyoto 2019 (Creativity Biennale of Art Exhibitions & Film Festival) - Kyoto, Japan 2019

Official Selection, elle tango - remix, Shorts@Fringe (Tour) - Azores, Portugal 2019

Award Winner - Best Experimental Film, SHE, Indo Global International Film Festival - Mumbai, India 2019

Semi-Finalist, nameless, AI FILM FEST - Tehran, Iran 2019

Official Selection, nameless, Cefalù film festival - Cefalù, Italy 2019

Screenwriting Competition Selections

Kuno Sings - Mutual Productions - Poster

Kuno invites her grandmother to celebrate her deceased mother’s birthday. What she really wants is to know why her mother died, and why her family never speaks about her Japanese father. Is it racism, and is there more? In her exploration of popular Ninja lore, Kuno finds the courage to reckon with her past. 'Kuno Sings', Canadian Premiere at the Shakti Film Festival for United Nations: International Day of the Girl Child. International Premiere: ARTS x SDGS. A festival series leading up to 2021 United Nations year of the Creative Economy for the Sustainable Development Goals. (Canada 14:59)

Experimental short developed in the spirit of 'the universe in a single atom'. This film is an animation made entirely from extreme close-up images of 3 large jellyfish. Anything is possible? Everything is possible. Original and Short Versions: Official Selection - 11  International Festivals. Award Winner Animation - 2. Best Experimental Film - 4. (Canada 19:46 / 4:11)

elle tango - Mutual Productions - Poster

Experimental video dance poem (remix). Tango. Animation created with extreme close-up images of butterflies juxtaposed with live performance and English language voice. Official Selection - 2 International Festivals. (Canada 6:00)

Ultra Short Experimental Animation explores pink perspective on cycles of the universe. A bit of 'something from nothing' this film is made from 2 still images of the filmmaker's shadow taken in Northern Canada in the season of the midnight sun. Official Selection - 2 International Film Festivals, Award Winner - 1 Festival. (Canada 0:40)

Virtual Conference - Mutual Productions - Poster

Academic Research - Empty Spaces in Epistemology: Perspectives of Persons Holding Doctorates on the Future of Knowledge Creation - and Video Presentation: Virtual Conference


Universities are sites of intensive formal adult education. The academic community is instrumental in the creation and dissemination of new knowledge. This study examines the perspectives of persons holding doctorates with regards to the future of knowledge creation.

The methodology and methods employed are qualitative arts-based inquiry using a new media lens. The question is: in what ways can digital images provide a platform for dialogue regarding contemporary science and contemplative  practice / consciousness studies?

Findings are presented as an arts-based video production.

Link: Study and Video (Odette Laramee)